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2020 MWAS Privacy Policy

When you use MWAS LLC services to e-file, transmit, translate, or update your tax filing, MWAS AKA E. Marie Green know you’re trusting me with your data. I also know I have a responsibility to respect your privacy, and MWAS works hard to do just that. This policy explains what information MWAS collects, why MWAS uses it, whom MWAS shares it with, and how MWAS protects it, along with the requested authorization you can use to manage your privacy.


Information collected by MWAS

When you use our services, MWAS collects a variety of information from and about you and sometimes your devices. Some of this information identifies you directly (like an email address) while some of it is associated with you through your account and profile (like the type of taxes being filed as chosen by you).

The kind of data we collect about you depends on your request or the type of request. If you are just making an inquiry, very little information is collected and saved until you decide to use our services. If full services are requested to process a specific tax filing, we have to request more data and collect more details about you to complete the filing. MWAS can not retain IP addresses and other device information when you browse our sites or use our apps.


Information you give us or create using our services

When you use our services, we often ask you for information about yourself. This usually includes basic things like your name, email address, and phone number. If you use our accounting services, we might ask you for more sensitive data like your income, social security information, and date of birth. You may also provide information about other people through our services. For example, the people you consider apart from your household, we will collect that person’s email address as part of your account information.


MWAS does not collect information from public sources, such as county and state tax and property records, government agencies unless you provide them as supporting data for your financial status for filing your taxes. This data is not disclosed to public sources either.


MWAS does not use various tools to collect data when you visit our sites and apps, including cookies, pixel tags, and other similar technologies.


MWAS Sharing your information

We understand that sharing information with third parties is a big responsibility. We’re committed to sharing information only when needed for legitimate business or legal purpose, and then only with recipients who will protect it. Third parties involved are being used to assist processing your request only and those recommended by the taxing authorities. Authorization forms at the end of the task are required to be signed by you before the transmission of your tax information.  MWAS understands that no matter how we collect your information, I have a responsibility to protect it. As the sole preparer, no one else sees your data without your permission.

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