With over 25 years in the Accounting field, I have served as clerk to Auditor-in-Charge of an office. I have developed Cost Accounting process improvements in a wide variety of audit areas & developed Participation Work Team steps. I've taught classes on specific audit areas as well as Basic Computer skills.

Leading teams up to 10 people, I have consistently led assignments from inception to delivery of final report. I've received many business related awards for my efforts. I've served as Treasurer of my local political group. I offered valuable services such as Legal Shield and Shaklee food supplements. As President of MWAS&More LLC, I plan to be of service to my clients as well as my community in the New Year. "Give MWA$ an Opportunity to $erve You"

Let's discuss how my skills can be of service: building accounting records/financial statements of cost that permit individuals and small business to file their own taxes or have other preparers file them. My effort can be on consulting for government contractors needing information on how to become FAR AND CAS compliant to obtain those government contracts & provide Legal Shield Associate services as well as Shaklee healthy food supplements.

Specialties Auditing, Cost Accounting, Organize tax data for a tax report, Consultant, Government contract consulting, Legal issue resolution, Prepare accounting/financial business records & financial statements. Provide a wide variety of services & products to improve your life experiences.