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Over 25 years in the Accounting field, I have served as clerk to Auditor-in-Charge of an office. I have developed Cost Accounting process improvements in a wide variety of audit areas & developed Participation Work Team steps.

I've taught classes on specific audit areas as well as Basic Computer skills.

Legal Shield is a low cost provided of limited legal services, basic and specialized, from participating law firms and attorneys at costs considerably less than independently hiring these providers.

Participating law firms and attorneys at costs are local as well as in other states if your services require it.

I'm excited about the VIVIX product, I use it every day and I feel better than what I have felt for years.  However, Shaklee has a host of Healthy products.

I was just reading where a Hospital Nutritionist recommended a cancer patient keep using her Vivix while under going treatment to help expedite her healing.

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